How To Change Up Your Look?

Between juggling your nine am classes and your part time job, life seems to always leave you breathless and you rarely have time to pay attention to yourself. Paying less attention to your physical and mental health can be extremely detrimental which is why it’s important to change things up once in a while.If you’re a struggling college student or a young adult working hard towards achieving their career goals and you want to make some changes in your appearance for the summer time, the list provided down below will definitely be helpful.

Chop chop

There’s nothing more that can cause a drastic change in a person’s appearance than a haircut so if you want to make some major changes in your look, pay a visit to your hairstylist and ask for their opinion on what you should do with your hair. Sometimes a haircut may not be the remedy to your problems but adding more hair by adding in some hair extensions could be so if you’re not interested in chopping your hair off, you should talk to your hairstylist about getting affordable hair extensions.

Re vamp your closet

A vital factor that contributes to the appearance of a person is their clothing so if you’re not satisfied with the same old skinny jeans and graphic tee style that you have been rocking to classes, you should totally consider switching up your wardrobe.

You might have the idea that in order to change up your look, you will have to go on a complete shopping spree and buy tons of new clothing but there’s a loophole around it that not everybody knows about. The secret is to buy a few staple clothing items that are in style at the moment and mix and match with each other and with your old clothing.

Add some color

If the sudden urge to change up your look is due to the fast approaching summer break, you should consider getting a spray tan to add some color back in to your life and body. After months of being hidden underneath winter jackets and so on, you’re probably looking a little ghostly so the best remedy is definitely a spray tan.If you’re not on board with the idea of spray tanning, fear not because there are other ways of adding color in to your life. You can also add color in to your life by getting some color in your hair and adding some low lights or highlights in order to change up your look.