Creating The Best Cosplay For Yourself

 If you are a diehard fan of movies or books or comic books or anime you would always want to know more about your favourite characters. You would always want to get your hands on the first publication or movie or TV series where they appear again. If that is so, you will also be really enthusiastic about cosplaying where you get to dress up like your favourite character and enjoy the moment with fellow cosplayers.

This cosplaying can happen at a book launch or even a movie premier where your favourite character is going to make his or her next appearance. You can see a lot of fans engaging in some serious cosplaying at events such as comic conventions. Some even make the look even more authentic and accurate with proper use of SFX makeup if there is a need for such. To create the best cosplay for yourself you have to get three elements right. 

Costume and Accessories

The best way to get yourself look like your favourite character is the costume and the accessories that go with it. If you are going to dress up as Harry Potter you will need a Hogwarts cloak and the Gryffindor tie that goes with it. You will also have to have the accessories necessary such as the round spectacles and the wand. In this manner, for every character there is always a detailed description about what they look. You have to nail that to get that look for yourself.


Just having the costume and accessories will not do if you are planning on creating the most authentic cosplay for the character you love. If this is Harry Potter you will have to use special effects makeup NZ to make that scar on his forehead appear as if it is really there and not just a bunch of cosmetics put together. To get the real horrifying and terrifying look of a zombie or a ghost you will need this kind of a truly authentic cosmetic work to happen too.


When you are at an event like a comic convention you will love to dress in this manner and then have some fun too. But you can always take time to act and mimic the same actions and behavior of the character you are cosplaying as.

Once you have gotten the right costume with the relevant accessories while pairing it up with truly authentic cosmetic work you will have the best cosplay in place. You can make it even better by imitating the original character’s behaviour.