Stepping Away From The Rat Race

Sadly, most young people in this day and age are a part of the rat race where they leave school and immediately begin working long hours to earn money to live and pay for their expenses. If you take the life of the average young person, you will notice that they spend the greater part of their lives at their job that they do not enjoy working hard to earn money to make someone else’s dream come true and another big portion of their lives travelling to and from work, to and from various meetings or stuck in office rush traffic. The average family rarely gets to spend any quality time together as the father is rarely ever at home as he is at his full time job, the mother is at her full time job and trying to juggle full time work and motherhood and the children are bombarded with homework from schools that are preparing them for the rat race. 

Start your own empire

However, fortunately, the younger generation is slowly moving away from this rat race and starting to build up their small businesses from home such as small baking businesses, catering businesses and hair salons where they can use their own talents to not only earn money but to build up something for themselves that they can fall back on in the future. 

Due to the advent of social media, today, you are able to start up a small business with no initial investment at all. You can start as an hairdressers Manly, a home based bakery or even a teaching business right at your own home where you will not even need to spent money to advertise as you can reach thousands of people on social media for free.

You will notice that at the end of any given month, most families do not save much money after they have spent their entire salary on expenses. The average family lives pay check to pay check and if any, they manage to put a very little money in the bank as a savings for when and if they ever fall sick or have an emergency. However, ten years down the line, when you stop and look back at your life, you are going to realize that in reality, you have not achieved much in your life and you are still in the same place as you were ten years ago. You will find that you are working so very hard to save up some money in case of illness when your life itself is making you sick because when you work so very hard, you rarely have time to concentrate on your own well-being, your health and your meals. This is the sad truth.