Making Up The Case

Make up or cosmetics are usually fragile and come in fragile containers that can be easily broken resulting in mess and waste.  So if you have a large collection whether you are a professional makeup artist or just have a personal supply you need to have them stored safely and organised to make using your goodies much easier. The word cosmetic comes from the Greek and there is archaeological evidence of cosmetics in the ancient tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs.  Make up is mentioned in the Old Testament dated approximately 840BC and historically has been used by both women and men at different points in history although predominantly by women since the 20th century. Make up refers to substances that are used to enhance the appearance of the body or to alter the appearance of the body without changing its structure or function.  It includes products like lotions, skin care creams, powders and perfumes as well as lipstick, nail polish, eye and facial makeup as well as hair colouring, sprays and gels.

There are two main reasons to shop for a professional beauty supply wholesale; protection for the cosmetics and organisation of your collection.  A professional case can also provide safe and secure transport for small and fragile items that may be easily lost or broken.  For serious or frequent travelling, a rolling make up case may be a perfect solution.  These larger cases are suitable for professional makeup artists as well having wheels and an extendable handle to make transport easier.  Related to the rolling cases are train cases, some of which also have wheels and extendable handles but are made of durable aluminium and are much sturdier than their soft sided or plastic counterparts.

Whichever style you choose, make sure you look at how the case opens and closes and how customisable it is for your particular purpose.  Some can be altered to include nail artist carry trays and some have transparent drawers so that you can see what is inside before you open it.  A customisable interior is a great idea if you are going to use your case frequently as you can organise your tools and cosmetics to suit your own needs and preferences.  For frequent use, opt for a hard sided case with sturdy fittings and good hinges on any drawers and cupboards.  There is little benefit in saving a few dollars on your initial purchase only to find that the case is not able to cope with the amount of use you make of it. If you are looking for a smaller personal case there is a great selection of soft sided cases that would suit.  This type of case is perfect to use for carryon luggage for air travel so that you can protect your cosmetics and look your best on arrival at your destination.