How To Get Ready For A Dinner Date In 10 Minutes?

It is Friday afternoon and your dream guy has asked you for a dinner date! You do not have time to rush home from office and you want to turn up looking your best. You cannot leave for home quick as you have to get over with your presentation and have piles of work to wrap up before the weekends starts. Relax girl, there is no need to panic.

Even though you wish you had your hairdresser from the best hair salon with you to get that perfect tresses done right, we have some really great tips that you can follow and get set for the date in just about 10 minutes. Yes, you got it right, in just 10 minutes. Let’s go!

• Adding volume to your hair

For that volume at times try your own tricks. If needed, you can remember those tricks that you got from your hairdresser in Randwick. Take down that humble office updo and then flip it upside down your waist. Then spritz a hold spray at the roots, just a light one would do. Then tousle with your fingers. Allow it to dry for about 30 seconds. When you flip back, you will notice your hair being more voluminous and all set to style.

• Add that glam touch

It will just take about half a minute to get that office ensemble all set for a date. Just take off your cardigan and now put on a cropped blazer. Now change your flats and go for those heels. If your accessories are all tamed, adorn something that’s got a bolder tone.

• In just 90 seconds you can freshen that tired face

You need not go through that extensive face wash and moisturizer regime in case you are carrying face wipes or a face spritzer in your handbag. Always keep one in your desk; you never know when it comes in handy, like a sudden meeting or a date like this! 

• When it comes to make-up, pay attention to your eyes

You need to come out of that modest, restrained office eye however you need not get over the top dramatic for a dinner date. You can take eyeliner as well as your much preferred shadow palette to get that swift smokey eye. If you are good at drawing a winged or cat eye look, go ahead and get that perfectly appealing winged look.

Not to forget, do use a primer so that the makeup stays in place, from the start to finish.

• Touch up

How can you do without a bronzer and a powder? First with a light stroke apply a powder and then finish it off with a bronzer or a pink blush. In just a tad bit of seconds you will turn up looking brighter.