Makeup and women have an intimate connection. There is a very few women who do not like to do makeup when they go out. One of the most important parts of it is eye makeup.

Eye makeup

There are several products available in market, which are suitable for eye makeup. Eye liner, kohl, eye shadow, mascara, eye pencil are the most essential things to beautify your eyes. Some also use false eyelash for having the effect of dramatic big eyes. Now, it is the easiest process of getting long extended eyelash. Some use mascara to have the effect of long eyelash. It is a truth that mascara gives a flirty and beautiful effect in eyelash and that is why most of the women like to use mascara.

But without the help of mascara or traditional false eyelash, you can also have long eyelash, with the help of medical treatment. Yes, don’t be shocked. Through eyelash extension done in a reputed parlour, you can get those highly coveted long lashes. In such a parlour, you can also get other services, like eyebrow threading and shaping, which will help you transform your look.

With the advancement of medical science and cosmetology everything becomes easy nowadays. With the help of cosmetology you can even have a successful plastic surgery. You just need to meet a renowned and good cosmetologist first or search for the parlour that offers the best lash extension and best eyebrow shaping in Melbourne. Make sure that the cosmetologist or the experts of the parlour are trained enough. Experienced and reliable parlours will also give you valuable tips to maintain your lash extensions.

Here are two tips for you to extend eyelash simply.

i) There is a solution available in market is Latisse. It is an ophthalmic solution. You need to apply this solution in the upper lash of eyes. If you want to extend both upper and lower eyelashes, then apply it on both. While you are applying it on downside, you need to be more careful. Perhaps you need to consult a cosmetologist, as in many cases this solution left a side effect while it was used downside. Sometimes, the discoloration of eye and its surrounded skin happen as a side effect. So, be a little careful while applying in downside.

ii) Some women like to stick with mascara. This is not a bad idea at all. With the use of mascara you need not have to spend a lot of money over treatment or buying expensive solution. Some mascaras have the ability of creating a further growth in your eyelash. You can go for those mascaras. You may also try out lash extension which exactly looks like mascara till you open it.