Acne is the most hated thing in the world. Many people get it on the face while some get it all over the face and the back. This is a condition when you get pimples and when they break they leave a bad scar or much worse a gravel looking skin. And not to mention how painful this is. There are many treatments for acne, both oral medication and creams and lotions to put on. But for many these along doesn’t help. Here are some tips to reduce the acne and prevent them from coming.

Keep your face clean all the time

Acne gets worse when your face collects surrounding dirt and dust. So if you are a person who puts on a lot of face cream and lipstick the chances are the oiliness of the face increases and it attracts dust and dirt, which then infects the acne. So you need to always carry a small face wash with you and clean your face every time you feel the oiliness. Also it is better to go to a reputed skin clinic Melbourne to get a deep cleansing of the face. Also you can carry some wet wipes to wipe your face off. Make sure the products you chose are for the treatment for acne. Because if you put whatever the product you wish on your face it may cause allergies and make the situation worse.

Avoid too much make up

It is hard since the makeup is the number one pore and blemish concealer. But if you have a severe case of acne, it is better to lay off the layers of makeup. If you must put a light foundation that has less oil and a pressed powder to avoid the oiliness. The reason you shouldn’t put too much make up is that the powders and foundation may go in the pores and it gets stuck there if you don’t clean it properly. But since you have acne it is difficult to put too much of the makeup remover. If you are a person who cannot avoid putting on makeup like if you are a model or a TV presenter then you should go to the skin clinic Melbourne and get it cleansed all the time. They have the proper cleaning products and they treat your acne too.

Be careful with the hair products

This may seem bit off because you may wonder what does that got to do with my acne. But the thing is whatever you put on the hair eventually pours down to the face. For example if you wear too much hair gel or hair cream when you walk around with the sweat it melts down to the face, and the chemicals in the hair cream is not good for the acne and it may make it worse. Same goes to shampoo and other hair care products you use. You need to find mild products and if you think you cannot avoid putting these on the hair you can wear a hair band to absorb the extra things melting form the hair.


Our skin is what makes us look beautiful and that’s the armor of our body we try to decorate with lots of other things. We apply make-up to cover up all our wrinkles and acnes in our face for instance. Likewise we tend to use a lot of cosmetic products to make us look more beautiful and flawless. But still you may not have taken really good care of your skin. Beautifying it doesn’t exactly protect it. Keep reading to know some simple tips that you should practice to keep up the good health of your skin.
Sunlight is not always good for you
Once you are exposed to a lot of sun light it can cause wrinkles, age spots, pigmentation and other skin relative problems. One main reason is the pollution of gasses and unhealthy rays. To prevent such problems you can always use sunscreens to keep yourself unharmed from the bad effects from the sun. Before you use the product of cream check whether it’s appropriate for you and whether you experience any allergies. Also follow the directions mentioned. Another way to be protective is to wear protective clothing that will ensure your body is totally covered and specially designed to block ultra violet rays from the sun. Surely you must know about spray tanning. Home Spray Tan provides easy to use tanning kits for tanning beginners. It’s one of the popular trends that come up during summer time just before your go for a swim in the ocean.
It’s true that spray tanning is quick, easy and an efficient way to multiple the feeling of summer but also it has some cons too. If you are mislead with wrong products serious problems like skin cancer, genetic relative conditions and DNA damage. So be careful of what you do and use.
Healthy food and mental conditions for a glowing skin
One of the main reasons for many health relative conditions is food. It all depends on what and how you consume. Eating a lot of fruits, vegetables, green leaves and lean proteins will help you to have a healthy skin. It’s not always the medicines you take that matters but also a healthy diet matters a lot.
Did you know that stress can cause not only psychological condition but also it affects your healthy skin? It may cause acnes and other skin problems if you don’t manage it well. It’s important that you pay attention for what’s happening inside your body since the outcomes may give you different results.
Good habits
Don’t go on bathing for long hours it may remove natural oils in your skins that keep it moist. It is important that you use moisturizing creams after every shower to protect it a bit more specially if you have a dry skin. These creams will help your skin to be softer too. Also strong hand washing liquids and soaps can be harmful as well. Use clean razors and clinically proven safe gels and creams for shaving.