While getting prepared for an occasion, you can easily be confused regarding what you should take up and which product is to leave.

So, from the tips of the makeup artist in Baulkham Hills, here we listed up how you should make your eyes more beautiful within a few minutes. Eyes keep speaking your mind and expressions are incomplete with a pair of beautiful eyes.

Have a look into our tips and you can become a pro in this way gradually.

• Eyes require definition: Your eyes require definition to look more appealing. First, draw your eyes. Put up the dark colored eyeliners. We suggest the dark ones but you may try the light colored ones too. For strong defining liners women commonly choose the black, grey, brown, dark navy blue as well as dark green. Sky blue, golden (light shades) or fluorescent green – all are applicable if they are suitable with your outfits and personality. If you think that liquid eyeliner will create a mess, try the pencil liners. Wet their heads a little and draw your defining eye lines. This will be a stable one and long lasting too. You can ask any makeup artist too about this tip.

• Attractive eye shadows: Choose the different shades of eye shadows while putting them on for your outfits. All sorts of your parties like casual or holiday parties, formal or official meetings, brunch date, old school gathering or a simple evening party – eye shadows will make the ultimate difference along with your outfits and shoes. If you are efficient enough, try the mix and match with variety of colors. A small expert tip is here for you: Use the white eye shadow for enhancing the width of your eyes.

• Defining kohl: Another essential tool for defining your eyes. Select blue, black, maroon, or green – to provide appropriate shape for your eyes. Have a sharp pencil to put on a finer line. Fine lines will help you have the glamorous look for any party. Hazelnut eyes are famous among the professionals for evening party looks. If you are with your boyfriend, try this for a better appearance.

• Mascara to thicken your eyelashes: Eyelashes are beautifully thickened with the touch of mascara. You can prefer the colorless ones for a ‘no makeup look’. Ensure a very good brand of cosmetic products and long brushes to make the lashes more defining. If you are confident regarding the fake eyelash uses, try some expert touch on them. However, while using eye lashes make sure you use the ones that ensure quality and do not pose any adverse reaction to your eyes.

While most, individuals are trying out various cosmetic and beauty techniques, some fail to maintain it. A simple example is getting highlights and using harsh shampoo that washes off the colour faster. Similarly, if you are planning to get hair extensions then you should be aware of some methods of taking care of it. It’s a very important step that most individuals don’t consider as such. You really want to have lovely, cascading hair don’t you? Isn’t that why you spend cash and get these done?

Would you like if the extensions last for about a month or two? So, here are some tips recommended by hair stylists, if you want to have those extensions beautifully shining and last longer:

•    Don’t forget to brush your hair

Even if you have normal hair, do you comb it to remove those ugly knots off the ends? Use a brush with soft bristles so that it doesn’t damage the hair extensions Melbourne. Start removing the tangles from the bottom and make your way up. Gently comb through the knots, to avoid breaking or damaging the hair.

•    Condition and let is dry naturally

You should keep you hair clean for better results such as shine and texture of the extensions. Therefore, remember to comb out the knots and tangles before bathing. Gently massage the shampoo section by section. Wash with softly rinsing off the shampoo methodically. Next use a leave in conditioner and rinse it off. Don’t dry it using a harsh towel, but let it dry on it’s own.

•    Blow dry with care

Too much of heat can damaged the bonds and lead to falling of the attached hair. Therefore to avoid it, when you blow dry carefully do it. Moreover, you should use the lowest heat if you want to dry the bonds and the hair. Hence, your hair will look great and be in a good condition.  

•    Are you frequently engaging in watersports?

If you are a person who engages in a lot of watersports activities such as rafting, swimming, etc., you have to take special care. Due to longer exposure in chlorine or salty water affects the texture and colour of the clip in hair extensions Sydney. Therefore, wear a swimming cap and make sure that it covers your scalp properly.

•    Tie it before going to sleep

You arrive from a busy and strenuous day of work. You’re so tired and the only think in your mind is taking a nap. You might not be able to remove the clipping before you hit the bed. That doesn’t mean you have to sit on the sofa and sleep. All you need to do is, tie your hair into a ponytail and enjoy a soothing and relaxing sleep.  These tips are very important and really simple to follow. All you need to remember are the important and easy rules, which are being gentle, careful and patient.


There are many different types of women in today’s diverse society. Some women will live a life opposed to gender norms where they will spend every day in pants and track shoes without ever knowing the first thing about make-up and accessories. These women do not own even one piece of make-up and live a life beyond the boundaries that societal gender norms placed on them. For them, spending time on putting on make-up is time they feel is better spent doing other things they find more important.

Confidence in heels

Other women however feel confident in dresses, high heels and impeccable make up. For these women, look amazing with perfect shoes and perfect make up gives them the confidence to face the world every day. This said however, maintaining this lifestyle can take a lot of time and money. Having the perfect make up means having to buy the best brands of make-up and that, costs them a big chunk of their earnings. If these women are wives and mothers then although they have the need to look perfect, the time they have to make themselves up every day on a daily basis is often limited. However, one great solution to this time issue these women have is cosmetic tattooing in Melbourne. Melbourne has many great salons and tattoo artists that will offer services to have their make up permanently done, so that they do not have to spend hours and days of their lives on having the perfect make up. As mothers and working women, this allows them to spend that extra time on something that matter more like their children.

While the latter group of ladies will have drawers full of powder foundations, mascara, lip sticks, blush and lash curlers, the former group have none of these and yet, even while living a life in jeans and tee shirt, these girls sometimes rarely find themselves in situations when they have to wear make-up and do not know how to do so, having to spend thousands at salons. Again, a perfect solution to this is cosmetic tattooing. Melbourne tattooists will offer numerous solutions for basic make up that is subtle enough to go unnoticed and yet, brings out the beauty of a woman’s eyes and features.

Make up doesn’t always need to be overboard and glamorous. Having simple eye make-up permanently tattooed on will rarely be noticed as make up and yet, will add a beautiful radiance to any woman’s face. If a woman needs to glam up further for a rare special occasion, she may add to the tattooed make up in order to create a glamorous look.